The FoodSource Difference

How is the FoodSource technology an improvement upon current methods for delivering active ingredients to animals? The answer lies in the state-of-the-art process, which is the foundation of the revolutionary material, Incortrix.

Incortrix has the following benefits:

Every product we develop can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific customer and targeted animal. The variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, scents, and flavors are endless. The goal is to provide a highly consumable product with an active ingredient that will look and taste irresistible to an animal.

The Incortrix material is made with 100% FDA Approved food ingredients which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our manufacturing process utilizes a low temperature which protects active ingredients, keeping them viable and stable. Incortrix also provides a level of protection for the active, and in many cases,  giving it an extended shelf life and even making it weather resistant. Incortrix has proven to be compatible with many different active ingredients, including vaccines, creating new products that have never been seen before.